Sunday, September 27, 2009

What is their to be grateful for when you are sick?

I am sick today, a pretty bad cold with a cough, a heady feeling, and a general feeling of malaise; in other words, I feel like crap. I laid down until I felt well enough to work on my daily checklist, I read some stuff on google reader, reviewed some forums, and came to my gratitude journal and froze.

I wrote: I am grateful for being sick.

This doesn't really work because I don't want to be sick, I am not grateful for it but it gave me something to think about. This is what I wrote:

Dear Lord, what is their to be grateful obout being sick? I am grateful for your will in my life and the glorious outcome that will surely come from being blessed with your will.

I came to this conclusion based on my experience with negative things in my life, even thoughI didn't believe so at the time they have always worked out for the better. My house burned down and I ended up with a new house, I lost one job to gain another better job. When God closes a door he opens a window. So for once, I finally can be grateful for something that seems negative at the time by being grateful for God's will in my live. Thank you Lord for this realization, I am grateful for it.

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