Monday, April 11, 2011

Prayer to Open my Heart

Dear Lord,

Please pray for me, please fill my heart with your holy spirit and let your words come out.

Father God, I am a sinner and unclean and I pray to thank you for your forgiveness through your sacrifice. I pray for continual understanding of my path and what your gift of grace means. I pray to understand your word deeper and to be filled with a heart of gratitude and love. Please continue to tear down my resolve, to tear down my will and to build myself up in you. Please help me to be strong and to accept how this feels both good and bad. Please help me to accept your will in my life with Joy and when I don't accept it please help me to want to want to accept it.

Father God, please help me to think your thoughts, to see what you will me to see. Please help me to see others with a heart of love, to see them through your eyes. Please help me to be willing to be willing, to want to want your will in my life.

In your ever present Holy Name,


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