Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mistaking Feeling Tired for Feeling Low

I was laying on the couch tonight, watching TV after a long weekend and started to feel like I was depressed. I started to dwell on all the mistakes I'd made all weekend and the deep hollow feelings of shame started to build. All the things I'd said wrong, bad choices I had made, and doubtful thoughts I had started to build in my head and I started to feel like I was losing control. I began to spiral into shame.Feelings of frustration started to build because I really didn't want to feel anxiety, stress, or depression. I thought ok, I need to stop for a second, say a prayer, and figure out how to handle this.

Dear Lord,
Please tell me what to do. How do I focus on you and not this emptiness.

God answered my prayers.It came to mind right away. I remembered how tired I was and even though I am tired, this doesn't ruin my day. Even though I am tired I still have a choice to focus on being grateful for God's gifts. So I decided to be tired, but to still smile and enjoy being able to lay down after a long weekend and to focus on on my accomplishments and what I am grateful for in my life than my failures and what I want to improve.

last prayer:
Father God,
Thank you for answering my prayer Lord and thank you for the gift of being able to smile no matter what. Please help me to remember this lesson and integrate it into my life. Thank you Lord for telling me it is ok to be tired and with your help I'll try not to mistake being exhausted for feeling low.


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