Thursday, April 30, 2009

How I find Center

I find my center in photography. I shoot with a Sony Alpha a700. Why Sony? Because I had a bunch of memory sticks already and wanted to save a dime. Do I regret my purchase? Absolutely not! I love my Sony and am going to be getting the a900 in August (hopefully, if my budget holds up).

How do I find center taking pictures? The easiest way to explain it is because this is where I am naturally present. When I am taking pictures I am focused and only thinking about taking pictures.

How did I find out that photography brings me back to center? Through practice. I tried different things, walking, exercise, reading but thoughts came in. I realized that when taking pictures it captured my natural focus.

How do I use photography to find center when I am not taking pictures? I think about how I feel when I take pictures and try to capture that same focus. This is why it is called practice; I practice center while taking pictures, doing other things I try to obtain the same state.

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