Thursday, January 14, 2010

I am grateful for Resistance

I have found myself resistant to my journals, my Iaido practice, bicycling, journaling, and blogging. I have been unfocused, undisciplined, and not wanting to enter my practice. This has lasted a few months and has been tough, but you know what? Right now I am grateful for it. I am grateful for being off kilter at times; if I didn't get this way I wouldn't push myself to do better, to be better, and to learn more. I am actually grateful for resistance. That is a weird one; what makes me say it. Well if I got my daily practice done perfectly all the time I would stagnate, I wouldn't improve, it would just be the same posts every day; by mixing resistance in I push harder and want to do better.
This is weird logic and I can imagine it being hard to read so I will use an analogy:
Resistance in life is like a sharpening stone, it grinds away dullness, nicks, scratches, and hones the blade to a straight line. Likewise as I push on resistance, lean in to it, relax into it, it hones me, straightening me in the direction where I will be most effective. So, know that I have resistance in my life I can to use it as a tool to straighten my path, polish my skills, and focus my resources towards God's will.

My Prayer:
Thank you Lord for putting the sharpening stone of resistance into my life, please help me to recognize it and all other tools you give me to put them to use to align my path towards your will, please fill me with your holy spirit and take me in the right direction.

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