Monday, May 24, 2010


I am grateful for the power of breath, I am grateful that when I breath in I am breathing in the essence of my very life - how do I know this? If I were to stop breathing I would pass out or die which tells me that I am breathing in life when I breathe in. I am grateful for the life I breathe in. But what about what I breathe out? If I don't breath out I will also die so when I breathe in I breath in life but when I breathe out I take life as well through expelling death.  I am grateful for the good that comes into my life through each breath and the bad that goes out when I exhale that same breath, I am grateful that my body can take in the good and expel the bad. Doesn't the Holy Spirit work in a similar way? Through the Holy Spirit I can discern what is bad or sinful in my life. As I pass through life I take everything I experience in which is good but the Holy Spirit is able to help me take in the good from the bad and expel the bad like the air expelled as I breathe.

Dear Lord,


As I breath please remind me that your spirit is within me at all times filtering out the bad from the good and helping me to focus on the good in everything because Father everything you give me is good because not matter how I can take in the experiences that happen on and along my path they are all from you and you are always good. Thank you for all the gifts I have and will receive no matter how I perceive them at the time I have received them.



Brian Darnell
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