Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Planned Spontaneity

If you plan on being spontaneous does it still count as spontaneity? Webster defines being spontaneous as arising from a momentary impulse. So if I block out a few days on my calendar saying I will step out the door and do the first impulse that comes to mind am I still being spontaneous?

I think so; I won't only be being spontaneous but I will be improving my ability to be spontaneous.

I don’t believe that spontaneity has to be spontaneous itself but it definitely can be. Like any desired behavior, spontaneity can be formed with practice.

Ways to practice spontaneity:

  • Set a block on your calendar to do the first thing that comes to mind
  • When driving, pick a route never taken, put a note on your dash that says something like “Take a new route” or “go the long way” or “try an unknown road - if you don’t know where it goes, the better” the worst that can happen when taking an unknown route is you have to turn back.
  • Go through the phone book and pick a local store, restaurant, park, etc that you have never been to. Either go then or make a note on a free block on your calendar.
  • When you pray make a point of praying for random people, places and things that come to mind.
  • Write the first thing that comes to mind
  • And my favorite, spontaneously plan, pick the first free weekend on your calendar and commit to doing the first interesting thing that comes to mind by writing down that you will do it on your calendar, make it fun, make it daring and don’t think just plan. For example I see Saturday is free on my calendar and the first thing that comes to mind is hiking so I typed go hiking.

There are lots of other ways to be spontaneous but when it comes down to it, do it, beat resistance and do something daring, the key to being more spur of the moment is to fight resistance. Fuel your inner explorer and hit the unknown at any moment and importantly don’t think, do. As you do this more, planned or not, this will come more naturally so planned spontaneity will spawn spontaneous spontaneity.

My challenge to you, plan something spontaneous and commit to it in a comment here.

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Augusto Pinaud said...

I think that even when you plan you have been spontaneous, it is that planning and organization that allow you to be, if you don't know what you have to do, or need to accomplish, how do you know that being spontaneous is the most important thing to do.