Monday, March 9, 2009

Dealing with disaster

What is the first thing you should do when getting bad news? And I don't just mean bad news but earthshaking, shake you to your toes news.
Last Thursday I found out that a husband of a coworker was killed in a work accident. This shook me to the core. My hands didn't stop shaking till I went to bed that night. And this all in the middle of some urgent crises at work. How do I deal?
Well I went through a lot of reactions.

*first I prayed and fortunately I was able to pray with the person who gave me the news so that was a good thing.
*I collected everything on my mind. Why? I just got hit with a curve ball, I really needed to let my mind return to a calmer state
* listed any naxt actions and sorted out non urgents to an incubate list.
* focused on work but looked for opportunities to listen if anyone else was having trouble with the bad news

It was a good day. Our urgent project didn't fall to the wayside and I was able to talk and even pray with a couple of coworkers.

What would I have done different? Made sure to slow down a bit and monitor my own feelings.
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