Friday, November 13, 2009

What is my frog?

A while back I watched the Eat That Frog movie (if you haven't seen it watch it here) It talks about picking your highest resistance item and doing it first in order to increase energy and carry you through the day. This practice goes along well with any practice that uses resistance as a guide to decide priority.
When I have a lot of priority 1 items and have trouble picking one of them to work on I make a list on paper and gauge the amount of resistance I have for each one. The one that makes me cringe the most, I circle and that is the one I focus on first. Lately I have gotten a little geeky with this form and started drawing a picture of a frog on it and titling it with "What is my Frog?". I don't know why but this usually engages me a little more with the list and helps motivate me to work on that hard item.
This morning I took the next step and threw a little form together, feel free to download it if you like it.

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