Friday, August 6, 2010

Obedience Prayer

My devotion today ( talked about entering the narrow door (Christ) and asking God for help to remove temptations.

Here is the prayer it ended with:

Heavenly Father, remove us from the temptations and bad influences going on around us. Help us to lead others on the right path, walking with You. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

My Prayer:

Dear Lord in Heaven please fill my heart with your holy spirit so full that nothing is left, overflow through my every pore so that no sin can be left within in, break me down Lord no matter how much it hurts and take that sin away and whenever I need it please help me to be willing to be torn down again because you are worth more then any temptation to me. Dear Lord, please give me the strength to pray this prayer and ask you to take my will away whenever I stray, dear lord please fill me up and allow me to honor your holy sacrifice by spreading your word, and loving you by doing your will in complete obedience.

Please Give me the will to fill my life with your word and your love.

In Jesus name,


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