Sunday, February 27, 2011

What Motivates you to Achieve your Goals.

Motivation is one of those fleeting things that is awesome when you have it and can feel like chasing wind when you don't. For me, motivation can be reclaimed but it does require some effort and self discipline. Here are a few things that help:
  • Clearly define in writing what the outcome I am trying to attain is, write about how it will feel as if I had already succeeded.
  • If I tell others about my goal make sure I realize that this can create a placebo affect and demotivate me (to understand this watch this TED talk -
  • Get engaged with the goal - do one thing that will bring me one step closer to the goal - a really cool way to motivate me to exercise is to take the next minimum step. For example - if I just can't will myself out the door to the gym, I go for a 15 minute walk. If I can't will 15 I go 5. Just getting engaged with fitness helps.
  • I change my environment - go hiking instead of gym, eat healthy food somewhere else, make a grocery list of healthy items
  • Remember my past successes
  • I reach out to the community - ask for help on my page, post to forums, go to my meeting.
Motivation is attainable, it isn't a mystical force we have to stumble upon. We can choose to be motivated and when it comes down to it, don't wait for motivation. Do something to move towards your goal before you are motivated. You can do it.

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