Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can't do it without God

Dear heavenly Father,

I am writing this as a way to trigger my brain to be active about it, I am praying for the holy spirit to fill my body, mind, and spirit and to stand with me to fight the fights, live the Christian life, and love the people, I love you Lord and I praise you and thank you for everything I have, will have, and will do, I thank you for saving me and loving me no matter what and I thank you for this spirit I currently have reminding me to stick with you and making that possible. I am yours Lord please work in me to be the man you want, to be the man you see me being. I am a sinner and cannot do this on my own, I fool myself into believing I can and I can't and I stress about it when really I should be joyful in the fact, the fact! That you have saved me and I am good to go! Good to go with God! Lord, thank you for my life and helping me to follow your will not mine.


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