Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Artist's block at the airport

I am currently at Salt Lake City Airport at the end of a four hour layover. An aiport might not be the first place thought of when thinking of places to be blocked but here I was and you know what? I had know idea I was experiencing resistance.

I was walking around the airport pretty restlessly, hanging out playing with my laptop, reading, talking on the phone (very rewarding conversation with sarah who I already miss terribly btw) but still kept feeling really restless and not really knowing why.

And then I realized it, I have the means of creation with me, my notebook, my laptop, my blackberry, my camera, even my juggling balls and all their potential was sitting unused in my bags brimming with the potential energy that could be released through art; whether that be photos, writing, a braindump, planning a project, blogging (hahahaha, the blog won), or even juggling (very very cool way to be creative especially when there are people around because it helps me get over my inhibitions)

I had the framework to make meaning and I wasn't using it and my brain was going crazy!! It was almost like having an unspoken committment using up tons of psychic energy. In this case it was solved with a quick braindump into my notebook followed by this blog entry.
Brian Darnell
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