Sunday, August 23, 2009

Challenge: meditate on a feeling

TO focus on the moment sometimes it helps to focus on one feeling.

Try this - pick one physical feeling: Touch something and focus on the feel you can also focus of the feeling of your shows on your feet, the skin on your body, the air on your skin, grass under foot, your hand on a counter, etc; it doesn't matter what you choose, just pick something to feel and focus on it and only it for 30 seconds.

When I do this exercise I feel myself grounded in the moment and taken to another place at the same time, I may be shifting my focus to be completely aware of a feeling but I am also thinking about how the rest of me feels at the moment too, I am not just focusing on me feeling the thing but I might as well be what I am feeling.

  • When I feel my hand on the counter, I am the counter.
  • When I feel the wind on my skin, I am the wind

This is an interesting exercise that can be very rewarding, I challenge you to give it a try. (P.S. my favorite is fresh green grass under my bare feet, watch out for ants though :))

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