Thursday, March 18, 2010

Taking the world personally is an arrogant concept

If something bad happens, if someone treats me bad, if I am a victim of anything in my life and I get my feelings hurt with a "why me?" attitude I am being arrogant.

The world is not about me. If I get my feelings hurt when I am treated bad I am making it about me and that is an arrogant attitude. What about the events and circumstance that led that person who treated me badly to be the way they are? It is time to be sensitive about the things that happen in this world and to me and not take it personally.
Lets assume that it is never about us and that there is always more in play. By choosing to not take it personally we choose to live happier more peaceful lives. We also put is in a place seperate from the event and we are able to share love rather then hurt. By choosing to make the world about us we are being arrogant.

My prayer:
Dear Lord please help me to make my life about you and not about me. Help me to fill my life with your spirit and show your love to those that hurt me.

In your holy name.



Ester said...

amazing, I was sitting at my desk feeling hurt and I read your post!!!
thank you for putting things in perspective!!


Brian said...

I was feeling really hurt this morning about something a friend send to me yesterday and I read my own post this morning. It is definitely tough to let these things go and love vs. loathe. Please pray for me as I continue to pray for you. :)