Sunday, March 28, 2010

What is God's Will

The question is how do I find God’s will? How do I find something that I am not even sure how to put into words what it is? Whenever I think about this, here are the questions that come to mind:

· Is God’s will the same for everyone?

· Where and how do I find it?

· Does God’s will apply to all the choices in my life (What color of socks do I wear today?. Do I use butter or Margarine?) Or is it just the big ones (life changing and morel decisions).

I did some thinking about this and realized I can’t interpret this subject, I am hardly near an expert and it would require much more Biblically well-read person then me to give an adequate interpretation.

Go to this link to read an excerpt from Let the Reader Understand: Scripture and Guidance, by Dan McCartney and Charles Clayton. Let the Reader Understand is a guide to Biblical hermeneutics, the correct interpretation of scripture. I believe this excerpt very clearly clarifies God’s will for us.


Finished reading? Good. Now this is what I got out of that article; according to the excerpt there are two ways God’s will is presented in the Bible.

1. Boule – God’s planned out set apart will for us. It is exempt from inquiry, change, or budging. This is the perfect plan for our lives that only God could come up with.

2. ThelemaGod’s desire for us that is spelled out in HIS WORD!

So how do we find God’s will? Read his Word. How do we follow God’s Will? Surrender, Faith, The Holy spirit; to sum it up, the grace of God. How do we get that grace? He gives it freely.

My Prayer:

Dear Lord,

You are my one and only God and I love you with my whole heart, I want to obey your decrees and follow your will. I am a complete and total failure and a sinner in my own attempts to follow your will. Please break me down, fill me up, motivate me to read your Word, help me to interpret it, and please Lord give me the strength to be obedient to you.

If it be your will, in Jesus name,


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