Friday, May 22, 2009

Finding center in chaos

Is it possible to work in chaos? To find peace while you here the sound of people talking, the sounds of construction, or with the sound of children in the background? Is it possible to be calm, collected and have a mind like water state when it seems like the world is trying to pull your mind away at all times?

Read the below, then try visualizing it with your eyes closed:

Picture a hurricane. The winds are blowing at break neck speeds taking debris into the air, blowing over trees, flipping cars, and sending waves crashing upon ships and buildings at the shore. Now pictures standing in that wind; you can barely stand let alone keep a calm peaceful center as the wind roars deep into your being through your fragile ears.

Now step into the eye of that hurricane. The roar of the wind is still there and the chaos is still in sight but here you are standing in it's center.

Finding your center is similar. You are still in the middle of the chaos but you are not sucked into it. You are a casual observer of the chaos while you yourself remain at peace.

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