Friday, May 15, 2009

On values

My values are who I am, they speak from the true me. the big values I think I should have are Honesty, integrity, character, worth, productiveness, ethics, hard work, morality, compassion, love, happiness. Are these truly my values? I support being honest but I think this might be because of a knowledge of the consequence of dishonesty and an over focus on how I feel people should regard me. Much of the time I worry about what people think of me and if people like me, this ends up being one of my major values and what dictates my actions So current values are lack of confidencelack of directionworrystress What are my values when I am in the zoneI am not sure, this seems like it could be a valueless state but it could be the value of the moment. Value of the moment - knowing what you are doing is exactly what you should be doing.
Brian Darnell
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turiya moore said...

Hey Brian, I totally relate to this post and was really thinking about this topic today. It's a big one for me. Your post inspired me to write this.
have a great day my friend,