Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On God

I am grateful for God in my life. He is a part of my life in the big in the small who loves us when we are good and when we are wicked. He is with us all the time and I am grateful. i am grateful that I never have to feel along because he is always with me. He showers love upon me even when I am not present with him.

My prayer:

Oh Lord, thank you for the gift to realize that you are here with me and to be aware of the gifts and answered prayers you have given me throughout the years. Thank you for the awareness of my answered prayers and to know that I have always been heard and you have always spoken back. Thank you Lord for being in my life and I praise you for the good times and for the times I perceived at the time as bad. Thank you for the realization that it is all good.
I am a sinner through and through Lord and you are still with me. I continue to resist you and you are still with me. You forgive and renew me know matter what to a point I cannot even fathom and I praise you! I am not present with you, I try to do it on my own, I continue to hold onto the illusion of control even though it is in your hands! and I praise you for being with me all that time! I love you Lord and I thank you!
I entreat you to fill me with your holy spirit and help me to focus on your will not mine, help me to see your will, to want it and do it! Please look after the leaders of my life, the leaders of this country and other world leaders who have influence on others. I ask Lord to fill me up and help me to do what you want, not what I want.

I pray all this in Jesus name; if it be your will.


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