Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fishers of men

Here is the prayer offered in my daily devotional and my prayer inspired by it.

Today's prayer -
Dear Lord, You have told Your disciples to fish for souls. Grant us the willingness to follow Your instruction and send the Holy Spirit so the catch may be blessed. In Your Name, I ask it. Amen.

Dear Lord, please help me to not only witness your word but to want to. Fill me with your holy spirit to help me be an example of Christian life to help bring people to you. Please help me not only to do this but to want it with every fiber of my being.


I find myself torn when praying. Sometimes i just go with the motions in prayer and ask God to do things for me and ask him to help me do things I think he wants for me. I feel like this isn't enough, I feel like what I should be doing is praying for God's will and praying to actually want it rather then just praying for it to be in my life. If God's will is there I might be too scared to actually move forward with it. Courage is not exactly my strong trait. I pray,

Dear Lord! I praise you and worship you! I confess that I am sinner and cannot accomplish anything on my own Lord and most of the time I do not want your will in my life. I pray to enter my heart and help to shape my desires to be your desires! In your holy name,


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