Sunday, July 19, 2009

Being Happy is a Choice

Is being happy a choice? When I have felt unhappy in the past it definitely did not feel like a choice but there have been things that have helped me get through an unhappy or depressed period that we do have the choice to take.
  • Look up a friend and talk to them, let them know you are unhappy and talk about it.
  • Smile on purpose - Even if you are unhappy smiling or laughing on purpose can help.
  • Write a gratitude journal - often for me, being unhappy can result from dwelling on negative feelings and negatives occurences. Try writing 5 things you are grateful for that happened during the day each night (or in the morning, whatever works best for your schedule).
  • Pray - the Lord's love is with you even in a bad time; he loves you when you have done something wrong and feel guilty, and he loves you when you are depressed. Talk with him.

Being happy might not feel voluntary at times but we can choose to do something about it. By taking action we are choosing to be happy, by not we choose unhappiness.

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