Saturday, July 4, 2009

Meditation challenge - listen to music

I challenge you to do something simple. Listen to entire song doing nothing else but listening. Sit, lay, lounge, etc and listen to an entire song without thinking, multitasking, etc.. Give the song your full attention.
An average song is 2.5 minutes long. You can do it right?
You may be surprised. I just tested this concept and I am almost picked up my phone to tweet 3 times.
This is a good mental exercise so I hope you try it and practice it often.


Darla Brown said...

Great idea, Brian. I'm reading Passage Meditation by Eknath Easwaran right now and it is all about meditating on a particularly inspirational passage, thinking about each word, training your mind to concentrate. I'm going to try this to a song now, too.

Brian said...

It dawned on me one day; I always have music in the background but could I make the activity just listening to the music. It is tough practice and worth trying. I have so far done this with black eyed peas, and white Zombie. :)