Sunday, November 16, 2008

(I am completely) (stopping)

Completely styopping; that's rich. What does it mean? Do I phyiscally stop? It could mean to stand completely still and not move a muscle. Could I do that?
Not move.
Not a muscle for even a second? Sure, I could stand still but how long does it take before I scratch an itch, pop a knuckle, etc, etc.
Now what about mental? Can I stop thinking, contemplating, remembering, reasoning an so on?Let's say I calm down the stray thoughts but won't I see images of the word, "stop". Stop signs and traffic lights might come to mind. Heck just the word "completely" conjures images of full glasses and grave stones.
Now the coup de grace, spiritual.
I can't reason how to even measure that.

A big question to answer before I can learn how to stop is:
Whar exactly does completly stopping mean?
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