Thursday, November 13, 2008

Martial arts class attempt #1 - cross fit

All I can say is oooooooooooooow!
I had called the school and he said come at 6:30 PM for a cardio warm up before class. I expected some jumping jacks, some pushups, and crunches.

What I got was a high intensity workout from hell!

1st set 21 standing squats, 21 squat thrusts with a pushup, 15 of both, 9 of both

The 2nd and 3rd sets were the same.

I could barely handle the first set and I almost threw up in the middle of my second.

I didn't finish.

I ate light today. 2 yogurts, a muffin, a bowl of soup, an omelette and a nutrition bar. Not enough carbs, I burned all my glycogen reserves almost right away.

After the "warmup" the martial arts class began, 1 minute of horse stance at the beginning of class. The advanced students broke off from the beginners (me), I then got to meet the professor and talk prices. 119 A MONTH! For 4 classes a week plus cardio, 99 a month for 2 classes with no cardio. This is way too steep for me.

I am interested in the class but my heart lies in traditional study and this is more of a technical self defense class. 119 would have been worth the sacrifice if it was Iaido. Do I have to move to Texas to find what I want?

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Sarbear said...

There was that one in San Diego. Have you tried looking else where in the Inland Empire? I don't want you to go back to Texas.