Saturday, November 29, 2008

Make @home a habit

I have been having problems finding time to check my @home list, review, my project list, and other GTD related tasks. Why am I so resistant to checking my @home list?
I think it is becauseI definitely don't have the habit built to review @home at home. I have the means, @home on PC in outlook and on my Blckberry but I don't have the habit.
I haven't been working on building it.
Can I learn from my own experience?
I have built the habit for reviewing my budget daily. I did this by creating a reward system that if I review my budget and make it current each and every day for a month I give myself a treat (usually dinner out nice like Sushi.)
Can I do the same thing with my @home list?
I have thought that I could reward myself for looking at it every day but what generally happens is I open it, read it and close it. What about a time frame? I could spend 15 minutes a day completing next action with a minimum of 1-6 next actions completed (I could roll a die). This sounds l.ike a good idea, it also sound like it will stick because
1. it engages me creatively (the die roll)
2. it gives me something to look forward to (the reward)
3. It is specific and measurable.
I will post my progress.

P.S. I keep myself accountable for this by:
1. Posting about it in the blog
2. Announcing it to my family and including them in the reward. This gives them a reason to support me without nagging. I find people can be very supportive when you give them something to be selfish about.

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