Monday, April 13, 2009

No expectations

I wise friend of mind told me, "every expectation holds built in resentment". Is this true? When I have a bad day, why is that? Is it because I am expectating the day tro be a certain way and it let's me down? That sounds good but how true is that?
Right now, for instance I am sitting behind the building on a break, generally these breaks are very relaxing for me; I blog, read, meditate, pray. The isolation for a few minutes gives me some peace and I can walk back into work refreshed but what if that break is interupted by weather, someone looking for me or something else. If I expected for this break to be a certain way I create an automatic resentment because I didn't get that time.
I think my answer is that expectations don't promote being present. If I am present throughout my day I can move through it and be relaxed through each event. Using the "mind like water" analogy I let each event disturb the pond but I let it return to peace on it's own, I don't try to force it to peace by trying to physically calm the water (an expectation) which ends up disturbing it even more.

My prayer right now,

Dear lord, please help me to be joyfull where I am planted and accept where I am, shed expectations and be present with your will.

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