Wednesday, April 1, 2009


There are several books in my life that have been life changing that I find worth sharing but here I am writing about two.

Getting Things Done - the Art of Stress Free Productivity is a big one. Why? Well it didn't come hust from the lessons and procedures in the book but came from the opportunities it has opened for me. The GTD methods saved my job and created networking opportunities to introduce me to some of my closest and most cherished friends.

Mastery by George Leonard npot only taught me a different way of thinking it also introduced me to the world of Martial Arts. Prior to Mastery I never really thought twice of the value of fighting disciplines but this book showed me that through working towards martial mastery you sharpen the mind as well, The centering and focusing techniques in this book are invaluable and the concept of thinking in terms of Mastery vs. Quick fix is essential to change the world.
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