Monday, December 22, 2008

Lord, please help me to surrender

If God brought Jesus into the world in conditions of poverty and his plan was to go through horrible pain and ultimately die to save us, who am I to complain about my life and my conditions when he was willing to die for me? Anxiety is arrogance and sin. It is the surrender to the idea that I have any hope of controlling my life when I should be surrendering to God. Who am I to try to make it better when his will is what matters. In fact, I should be able to surrender to God and not worry about this world hen I am saved and destined for eternal life anyway, with eternal life in my future, what is there to worry about now?

I need to stay prayerful and keep surrender to God in mind, my filter should be God focused and his will will be more obvious to me.

Dear Lord,

Please help me to surrender to you, please help me to remember that you are in control.

In your every present holy name,


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