Sunday, December 7, 2008

Perfect way to finish a meal of sushi

I love Sushi. Out here in Hemet there is an all you can eat sushi bar that I love called Sushi Ray run by a wonderful chef named Max. You can eat all you want off a pretty sizeable menu for about $26.00 and if you know how much a sushi meal can cost with items like Caterpiller roll (Normally $10.00 ea.), Volcano ($12.99), and specialties like the Golden Tiger(Normally $11.99), you can get them at Max's all you can eat which is qute a bargain. Tuesday and Wednesdays are Men's nights and Women's nights respectively where if you are the correct nght's gender you can get 50% off on all alcohol purchased, and if you like alcohol I fuly recommend the cucumber saketini and the Korean Hite beer which I an only find a Sushi Ray.

Here is the perfect way to finish a meal at Sushi Ray, a quail egg shooter:

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