Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Weekly Review

I am about to embark on my weekly review. If you are not familiar with GTD, the weekly review in concept is in fact a review done; you guessed it weekly of one’s system. To put it in a nutshell, I look at all the lists of things I have decided to do and make sure they are set up correctly. These lists include Projects, Next actions, a calendar, and notes. In reality for a lot of us a weekly review is not done weekly. In this case I am doing mine a week late. Why? My schedule was different then normal last week and I didn’t do it; excuses, excuses.

Here are the steps I follow for my weekly review.

  1. Get clear
    This changes, this could involve processing my inbox, doing a brain dump onto paper, or it could be skipped if I already feel clear prior to my weekly review. A recommendation my friend Barb gave me for this step is to do it the night before and do the weekly review in the morning; I prefer to do my weekly review at night so I get clear in about 30 minutes as the first step in my review. In this case, this blog entry is part of getting clear, I am using it to lay a foundation for this review

  2. Get current
    I make sure that all of my projects have next actions associated with them. I then review my next actions lists and make sure that all of them are associated with projects. If they are not I either get rid of them (if they are irrelevant) or create projects for them. I then review my incubate list (This is what I call my someday/maybe) and see if any of those items are ready to become projects or get deleted.

  3. Get creative
    This usually involves me dreaming. I do a centering exercise, either GRACE or the 6 breaths, 6 thoughts exercise. I then write what I want on my paper or on screen. This may sound kind of strange but this works for me.

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