Monday, December 8, 2008

What is possible on a 30 minute break?

I just got back from my half hour “lunch” break but no eating occurred. I had a small snack at my desk and went for a 30 minute walk with my camera in hand. It is amazing what one can accomplish in those 30 minutes, before I left I was starting to feel the bear of work and was having trouble rapidly refocusing between 3 projects whose outcomes are all due this week. I had a little resistance to taking my break but pushed through it and went for a walk, camera with 200mm zoom lens in hand. What did I get out of this? A nice stress relieving walk, some good pictures of beautiful autumn leaves (California, December is Autumn, what can I say?) and I discovered that one can walk pretty far in 30 minutes and still make it back with 5 minutes to spare to stow my camera.

My challenge to you:

Take your breaks! Go somewhere, do something, don’t get caught up in the boundaries of work. I did it and now I am refocused, I know exactly what actions I have to take between my 3 projects and will not only move forward on them but will ensure that their outcomes are complete by tomorrow morning (Because there are 30 more projects waiting in the queue). .

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