Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pumped! but not centered

At work today I had another experience of an energy surge triggered by completing some very large outcomes. The whole way home I felt great and energized and ready to move forward with a lot of different things. I was energized, adrenalized and excited but was I centered? No.
I received another divine tap on the shoulder and realized that I was not in a good state. My mind was racing with possibility and when I really focused my awareness on my body I realized I was in fact a little nauseated. The super adrenaline rush of finishing projects might have felt good but it wasn't conducive to mind like water. I acted fast:

  • Quick Mind sweep:
  • Install office
  • Download photos off camera
  • Process Inbox
  • Install Monitor
  • Homework
  • Blog Post (I didn't complete this one in order because waiting for office to install was the perfect time to do my blog post).

I felt reasonably clear and engaged in some meditation. I performed Eric Maisel's 6 breath, 6 thought centering exercise.

  1. (I am completely) (Stopping)
  2. (I expect) (Nothing)
  3. (I am ready) (For anything) – This entry is actually, define your work so I defined the state I wanted to be in.
  4. (I embrace)(this moment)
  5. (I trust)(my resources)
  6. (I return)(with strength)

Once finishing this, I felt good. I felt calm but still full of energy but now the energy came with focus. It was a channeled stream rather than a torrent. I then chose to follow y intuition when it came to my mind sweep, I did the first thing that came to mind, I got the monitor and hooked it up, started to install office (which is taking a while because I had to redownload from the Microsoft site), and worked on this post. I still have a few other things to do, including ones i had captured previously but the cool thing about being centered is I can choose next actions and move forward towards outcomes without concious thought, I am following my intuition.

Does this mean I don't need thought? No, I am still going to process the rest of my list and process through my inbox but now I am much more clear and current and can trust that the actions I choose are the right actions to take.

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