Thursday, February 5, 2009


Tara just introduced me to the tool Wordle on her blog, Zugunruhe Coaching. It takes any site, jumple of words, or username and creates a collection of words which reminds me of an innovative information chocked ad or some form of Internet pop art (Interpop?). The thing that really fascinates me about it is it creates each word in different shades or colors which allows the brain to process most of the information without really having to think about it. I can sum up my site with a word-graphic and really provide a lot of information about what my site is by literally presenting random bits of information from my site. Here are a few samples I generated from Wordle.
The first few are of this site.
Wordle: Favorite
Wordle: newspress
Wordle: Interpop
Here is my page., 12hourhalfday.
This one is awesome, it is my twitter feed. Sarah is in the middle; that is awesome. :)
Wordle: Twitter

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Sarbear said...

That is freakin awesome.