Monday, February 2, 2009

New revised purpose statement

My good friend Barb worked with me and inspired me to revise my purpose yet again.
After she reviewed it the thing she mentioned that clicked in my brains was, "does it make you cry? (Happy cry)" and it didn"t. It didn't effect me emotionally at all, it only made sense logically. So I thought about it and realized it needed to be much more personal and from the heart. I thought about the things that get an emotional reaction from me and wrote a new statement.
Here it is:
I live my life prayerfully, mindfully, thankfully, and joyfully, trying my best not to make mistakes and accepting that I am human. I work to document the beauty and meaning in the world around me. I work to help cure breast cancer and be an inspiration to others. I do my best to honor those that have brought me success and remember those that I have loved that are gone. I work on a balanced and healthy life style and thank God for what I have, what I have done, who I have, and what will happen good and bad.

Thanks for the help Barb! That was awesome coaching.

Brian Darnell

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