Monday, February 23, 2009

The weekly Review - Part 4 - more weekly review - get creative and the dreaded someday/maybe list

I don't keep a Someday/Maybe list; I keep 6 (seriously). I call them Incubate.

  • Incubate - Maybe - work
  • Incubate - Maybe - Personal
  • Incubate - Someday - Work
  • Incubate - Someday - Personal
  • Incubate - Projects - Work
  • Incubate - Projects - Personal

This may seem complicated but I find it as complex as it has to be. The goal here is to expedite my weekly review. As I said in a previous post I don't do the same review every time and I don't necessarily do it 'weekly' at the set time. I do my review based on need and I base what I review on need.
I review whatever has the most resistance, doubt, lack of focus; since one of the goals of GTD is mind like water I'll put it this way, I look into my mind and whatever is surrounded by the cloudiest water, I review.

Now if my project list is cloudy even after I have developed a clear next action for each project, or if I feel overwhelmed with the list, I take projects with lower priority off of the lists. The projects then go to Incubate - Projects - (work or personal)

During the Get creative phase of the weekly review sometimes I develop projects that are outside of the scope of my current reality. These can either go in Incubate - someday (I totally plan on doing them) or incubate - maybe (maybe someday I might)

I review incubate - projects during most weekly reviews when I feel like I have a large number of completes, I review incubate - someday and incubate - maybe in my creative phase when I need ideas or when I feel extremely clear (I can see all the way to the bottom of the lake of my mind)

What the incubate lists give me over a generic someday/maybe bucket is context on what to review and when it also helps me to seperate delayed projects that aren't on my project list to free up clutter. I had found that a long someday/maybe list resisted review but several shorter lists were easier to review more often.

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