Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank God for Resistance.

Resistance is a sneaky enemy. When a bunch of work is in front of you I can guarantee that the one that you have the most resistance to doing is the one you probably should be doing. Resistance is evil and tries to make sure you are miserable, uncreative, and unproductive.

This is awesome!

huh? Why would I say the existence of an evil little enemy trying to stop you from completing the desires of your soul is awesome? Because you then know the exact best thing you should be doing! Work on the thing you have the most resistance on first and you are guaranteed a reward to your soul!


Roy Barberi said...

Boy did you nail that one. This is a constant struggle for me. Some days I am better than others, but I still struggle. That is one reason I really need a system. To help me make those decisions.


Brian said...

I have been playing around with some tools to fight resistance.

02 - This is the home of busy work. E-mail, maintenance, calls. My busy concepts lie here.
01 - This is where the work I really want to do lives, my work to bring me closer to my goals and visions. Anything attached to a major project or goal goes here.

Now the problem here is 02s still need to be done. E-mails, calls, and other busy work are integral to customer service, maintenance, filing, etc. They have to happen so you can't work on 01s all the time.

This is how I solve the problem.

Monday - 02s go on the top of the list, I dash through them and work through them then if I have time I work on 01s.
Tuesday - 01s go on the top, I take steps on my projects and work towards higher altitudes. I only work on next actions; I don't work on follow-ups so I move closer to those goals. Then I work again on 02s.

I alternate like this throughout the week.