Friday, January 30, 2009


When I was a kid I always wanted a backho.I called them snorts (you get bonus points if you know where this is from) It seems like a really weird thing to think of now but I did, whenever I saw one in a construction yard I would picture myself as a backho operator, not as a job but just to have one.
I don't really want a backho now but it was an interesting thing to think about. I think that even now if I ever have the opportunity to operate one I think I would get a feeling of childhood glee like getting to ride in a fire engine and turn on the siren but instead I would be operating a snot. :)
Think about it, do you have anything that you were really interested in or happy about when you were a child that brings a smile to your face and a warm feeling now? Please comment.

Brian Darnell

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