Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An excerpt from my meaning journal - Prayfullness and Meaning

12:31 1/13/2009
Lately when I enter this journal I have been starting to think, why is this important? Why is it important to journal about meaning? As I journal this I realize this is resistance (my inner crtic) talking. Contemplating meaning is important. Right now the most meaningful thing I am doing is trying to live a prayerful life; a prayerful life isn't exactly a clear concept.

As far as I understand it it means to live constantly in prayer, to surrender to God's will and to take action based on what he wants for me? God has a relationship with me so he wants to know what I want as well so asking for things is also prayerful. Since God loves me he wants me to talk to him about my hopes, fears, and wants and as promised he will always have an answer.

Since God promises an answer to all of my prayers; living a prayerful life is definitely the most meaningful thing I can do.

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