Monday, January 12, 2009

Working on a purpose statement

One of my daily projects is to brainstorm my purpose statement (A statement to help continually drive and guide my actions and choose my priorities). For the GTD minded this is the 50,000 foot level.


My process started with the natural planning model and works it's way to a draft statement:

 05:36 1/12/2009

I am guided by God to use my free will to make healthy choices in activity and diet, be friendly to those around me and be loving, learn continually, and look for opportunities to spread God's word, I live in the moment past expectations good and bad. I live prayfully letting God guide my choices. I accept failure as success in the learning process.

 It is still a work in progress; below is the process reading from most recent to first entry so if you want to get an idea of the process, start from the bottom and end with the entry above.

 11:49:33 Sun, Jan 11, 2009

I am sitting in the lunch area at the orange county swap meet and am pondering my purpose. I have stated some principles and am working on a purpose statement from them.
Here is a good foundation:
I am guided by God
I can add to this:
With the free will given to me by God I choose to make healthy choices in activity and diet, be friendly to those around me, be loving, learn continually, and look for opportunities to spread God's word. I live in the moment past expectations good or bad.

1/6/08 8:26

A life purpose should be based on principles

  • What are my principles?

  • Do good

  • Being nice to people is good

  • Be nice to people

  • Spread God's word

  • Live in the moment

  • never stop learning

  • act the beginner

  • be relaxed

  • control your emotions

  • Take care of your body

  • Live prayfully

  • Keep your mind like water

  • Keep your commitments to yourself as well as others

  • Don't buy anything you won't use and when you use it, use the hell out of it.

  • Anything can be learned from a book.

For next time; how do I present these principles as a purpose?

06:29 12/30/2008

I just wrote up a few notes in my "notebook" but it wasn't flowing so now I am typing.

Brainstorming my life purpose

I have a lot of anxiety about this project. Why? Because it is big; this is my life purpose we are talking about.

  • What if I eff it up?

  • What if I make a mistake here? There is a frase, "my life is ruined" and it never really is but let's say you pick the wrong life purpose then your life really is ruined.

  • Ok, slow down and breathe. Let's explore what is causing the anxiety. Worry that you will ruin your life.

  • How is my life so far?

  • Scale of 1-10 - 10 My life is good, I am working in the job I want and have always wanted and I m with a girlfriend that loves me and I love her That is more then I need so life is good, I have a home with little expense and have a very loving family.

So how can I build on that?


  • Iaido

  • Taught the class

  • Gained back weight lost last year

  • Started counseling again

  • started blog

  • started photography page

  • Got new SLR

  • Decided Photography is a priority

  • Formed a romantic relationship with Sarah

  • Sarah moved in

  • Went to Texas

  • Studied traditional Iaido
    Formed a friendship and mutual mentorship with Tara

  • Continued with the GTD study group

  • Started checking the checkbook every day on a consistent basis

  • Formed a daily checklist

  • Signed up Sarah with the Gym

  • Got a bus pass


  • I am starting a martial arts class next week

  • I could get my bike fixed and start riding regularly

  • I could start mountain climbing and hiking

  • I am continuing to expand my photography gear

  • Work on previous vision - Japan, add to it, photographer, student

  • Add health goals to vision- How do I see my body in the future?

  • Form better eating habits


What am I?

A learner, a Christian, a martial artist, a writer, an artist, a photographer, an athlete

17:32 12/28/2008

Life Purpose

What is my life purpose? I am trying to come up with something and looking for guidance in other places but what do I really want from life or more appropriately what does God want for me?

I have already established that it is not arrogance to think about my life purpose because God wants to have a relationship with me and he wants my participation in this.

So what do I love, what do I want, and what does God want for me?

What do I love?

What is love to me, a feeling of intense joy that results from the practice?

I love photography.

A life purpose - Photographing the world

That is a good one but a hard one to dedicate one's life too

Curing Breast cancer

I loved working on the Komen charity and facilitating the charity at work.

To live moment by delicious moment

To act with intention and not habit

What do I want to be able to do?>

I want to be more loving; I want to want to be more loving. I want to enjoy hard work and welcome it with open arms. I want to be independent and not afraid of hard work and hard times.

I want to be free of the crutch of comfort.

I like comfort though; do I really want to be free of it? Do I really want to be free of comfort?



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