Monday, January 19, 2009

On the way to mastery 1 ball at a time

On top of my many other hats I am a juggler (one of the ways I maintain so many hats I guess). Juggling was one of those skills that as a small child I just had to have. When I was about 12 my grandmother bought me the klutz book of juggling. I spent about a day going over the basics and was able to juggle 3 balls by the next day. (This isn't natural talent, I have taught a lot of people how to juggle and the ones that are willing to practice it for a few hours will get the basic 3 ball pattern in about this long or less. Over the summer I visited my father in NY and kept practicing, the library helped me teach myself a few tricks. After that my practice pretty much stopped. I knew how to juggle, I was done.

Now, I am exploring juggling as a path to mastery, I practice a little bit each day, I also keep my juggling balls close so I can practice at work (1 hand catch while on the phone or filing, this amuses the heck out of my coworkers). I have watched a few youtube videos and am working on moving forward. I haven't found instruction yet but I am sure I will eventually.

My milestone this year is turn learn 4 ball technique. I know two more tricks since I started at the beginning of January but I am going to love the plateau with this one. The goal is to practice everyday. It takes professionals years upon years, building foundation up foundation to master this sport (Yes, juggling is a sport) and this is the attitude I will be approaching it from.

Brian Darnell

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