Tuesday, January 13, 2009

GTD and my relationship with God.

Here is an excerpt from my Daily Devotion which I noticed helps connect my GTD practice to my relationship with God. It relates how quieting the mind helps us listen to God's messages to us in our lives. (An extra note, I find that I can only truly quiet my mind when I ask God to do it for me)

A Little Quiet All Around

The words of the wise heard in quiet are better than the shouting of a ruler among fools.
(Ecclesiastes 9:17 RSV)

It has been noted that occasionally when someone speaks English to a person who does not understand the language, the speaker raises his or her voice. The implication is that shouting may help the listener comprehend the message.

We tend to be addicted to noise. We are impressed by the loud mouth and intimidated by the sharp tongue. Our text, however, reminds us that those who are truly wise speak softly and listen quietly. Foolish thoughts rattling around in our heads can create such a racket that we cannot hear the quiet voice of God.

God regularly speaks to us in the still small voice of His Word and works. There was the quiet of His Son’s unspectacular birth. His resurrection was witnessed by no human eye. His ascension was accomplished without the fiery roar of a liftoff. In it all, God quietly says yes to us: "Yes, I have forgiven your sin. Yes, I know about your unfortunate lapses, and I invite you to repent and live on in forgiveness." All God’s promises find their yes in Christ, our Savior.

Lamb of God, You did not open Your mouth but went quietly to the cross.

Author: H. Armin Moellering/Oct. 24, 1980

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