Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A little bit about me and this blog

My name is 12hourhalfday (AKA Brian Darnell) and I live in the small city of Hemet California. I am in my 18th year in Hemet and I love it, I am surrounded by beautiful mountains and am able to enjoy the sites and sounds of the city and the surrounding natural world every day.

I am an artist who specializes mostly in photography and writing (as represented here). I am also an I.T. Specialist for a call center for a major hotel chain. I have loved computers since I was small and working here is an indulgence for me.

I spend my free time spending time with the ultimate inspiration for me - my girlfriend Sarah, taking pictures, writing, going to the movies, practicing martial arts, reading (mostly nonfiction), practicing GTD, working out, pushing my cooking skills to the artistic limits of flavor and texture (Clam clamder and garlic fever pasta (2 heads of garlic, not for the feint of heart)), and lot's of other stuff (I don't really like to limit experience and I am sure I am leaving a lot out).

On this blog I write about photography, GTD, and Managing Anxiety (which I have to do on a daily basis in art and life). I also share affirmations, aspirations, goals, random intentions and observations, photos I notice in our world and whatever else spills out of my head.

My purpose in writing this is for the experience. I have other writing projects that have specific outcomes associated with them like entertaining the masses or providing education and inspiration; as far as this blog goes it is for the feeling of the thoughts traveling from my brain to my fingers and on to this screen. If you are reading it I hope you enjoy it but if you hate it I relish that experience to because as far as it goes for me, I succeed just by doing it.

Comments are welcome on the blog or by e-mail.

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